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The Happy Little Yogi Flow
Teacher Training


The Happy Little Yogi Flow is a children’s yoga teacher training programme designed by Jane, using influences from her Kundalini Yoga background . It came to life in 2019 following the continuous success Jane encountered on her yoga journey teaching children.

The training takes place over 4 days, during which students reconnect with their inner child while experiencing the fun and engaging approach Jane created. They allow their creativity to blossom and learn to teach yoga in a fun, engaging and nurturing way. Having experienced the approach for themselves, students then learn to devise a Happy Little Yogi class which includes a blend of energetic warmup, asanas, games, meditations, breathing techniques and relaxation.

The ultimate goal of the Training is that as many children and young people around the world access the practice of yoga, which will help them grow into happy individuals who have learnt to love themselves, connect with their body and use their breath to self-regulate.

The training is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (40 hours/12 hours of which are home study/practice).


Online training still runs over 4 days but also provides you with recorded classes and routines.




The Happy Little Yogi Flow training is available to the following people:


  • adult yoga teachers who are keen to share their passion with children
  • parents, school teachers or health professional working with children with an established personal yoga practice of 2 years minimum (any lineage of yoga)

The Happy Little Yogi Tots training is available to the following people:

  • to all who have completed the Happy Little Yogi Flow teacher training


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Happy Little Yogi Flow

Teacher Training


Due to the current pandemic the HLYF Teacher Training programme will be ONLINE during the first half of 2022.                                                         Current price of the teacher training is £395 (look out for Early Bird discounts).                                                                                                     Happy Little Yogi Tots can be added to your Teacher Training; please note that this is a one day training, which is added on to the end of each HLYF course as you need the HLYF to lay the foundations.




Upcoming Teacher Training Dates 2022


January 29th & 30th, February 5th & 6th

(Optional Yogi Tots TT Day - Feb 11th) 


April 23rd, 24th, May 7th & 8th

(Optional Yogi Tots TT Day - May 13th)


June 25th, 26th, July 2nd & 3rd

(Optional Yogi Tots TT Day - July 8th)


Meet Our Graduates

Rebecca Testimonial Video

Rebecca Testimonial Video

Sue Testimonial Video


Online Training Course


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  • Thank you so much for an excellent training course, I've really enjoyed the experience. The course was so informative and fun.

    Charli Tizard, Oct 2019
  • The largely practical nature of this course gave us the space to absorb and experience the teachings and hopefully soak up Jane's vast experience.

    Rebecca Skeel, Oct 2019
  • Overall, superb training. Cannot recommend it enough. Gave me so much confidence and enthusiasm that I went out and taught my first family yoga class less than a week after the assessment!

    Helen O’Sullivan, Oct 2019
  • Fantastic training - Jane and Anne make you feel welcome and secure. Jane's love of yoga and knowledge around teaching children shines through. She is a great role model for teaching children yoga. The course is fun and packed full of tools.

    Kanan Tekchandani, Oct 2019
  • An amazing and inspiring yoga course! Jane has a great teaching ability and makes the course full of fun and lots of practical work. It definitely brings out the inner child in you! I came home refreshed and full of new ideas and confidence to start teaching children's yoga.

    Alex Catling, Feb 2020
  • Jane is a fantastic teacher, she made me feel so welcome and comfortable. She created a great space for allowing creativity to flow.
    I learnt so much during this course, especially how to make yoga fun for children. I loved how playful the course was and I truly had so much fun.

    Beth Vallory, Feb 2020
  • I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the course. Jane gave us the opportunity both to experience the classes from a student's perspective and to practice teaching ourselves.

    Sarah Holt, Feb 2020